NYC Gynecomastia Center has acquired not only a New York state-wide reputation for international excellence in gynecomastia surgery but throughout the world. Patients from all over the United States and all over the world have traveled to NYC to visit with our gynecomastia specialists for evaluation and surgical treatment of their gynecomastia. If you are an international patient please follow this link for travel information: out of town gynecomastia patients.

“He is outstanding, he is a great doctor, and a terrific operator of his practice which is rare. He does a great job of explaining everything you need to know about his diagnosis and how it impacts you.” ~ ZocDoc

We understand that having gynecomastia surgery is a big decision to make. For some surgery candidates, traveling to the NYC Gynecomastia Center may be too difficult. That’s why we offer virtual consultations:

  • Over the phone (FaceTime); or via video chat / SKYPE.
  • Speak with a NYC board certified gynecomastia specialist plastic surgeon personally for up to 1/2 hour.
  • During a virtual consultation, the doctor’s visit is not just another doctor’s appointment. It’s a true medical experience.
  • Using a Web camera, both surgeon and patient meet in a private HIPAA-compliant virtual meeting room.
  • This means no crowded waiting rooms and no time wasted traveling.
  • It’s easy and convenient.

Remote Phone (FaceTime) & SKYPE Consultation Service with NYC Gynecomastia Center: Offered To Patients Anywhere In The World

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    Maintaining A Relationship With Your Plastic Surgeon
    Should you elect to move forward with gynecomastia surgery any and all questions regarding your surgery will certainly be answered in advance by your doctor and staff. After surgery, you will return to the NYC Gynecomastia Center office for follow-up care at prescribed intervals, at which time your progress can be evaluated. Please remember that the relationship with your plastic surgeon does not end when you leave the operating room. If you have questions or concerns during your gynecomastia recovery, or need additional information at a later time, you should always feel free to contact us.

    Our best in class gynecomastia surgeons pride themselves on providing you highly personalized and comprehensive care before, after, and during your gynecomastia (male breast reduction) surgery. The NYC Gynecomastia Center’s philosophy of direct doctor / surgeon to patient care at every visit has made us one of the most trusted and respected medical practices in NYC. For more information or a complimentary gynecomastia consultation please feel free to contact us:

    NYC Gynecomastia Center
    461 Park Ave S, Floor 7, Suite B
    New York, NY 10016
    (212) 658-0449